Hello Friends,
It has been a long tough road but we are finally active with our new line up as of June 2016!

We will be performing a number of live shows this summer and fall as we continue to finish songs for the new album.  If all goes well we will begin recording sessions this Winter.  We already have three songs complete with another nine to ten songs to finish.  It has been a lot of fun working the new songs and we are looking forward to the finished product.  The band is sounding awesome and we are so grateful and excited to be whole again and back to work.

We hope to see you at some live shows this Summer, starting with ABATE of Utah County's July Blast at Defa's Ranch the last weekend of July.  See our Facebook page for more details.   

Thanks again for your support! 

Duane, Nate, Codiann, & Derek

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