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Hello Friends, 

Welcome to our main website and thank you for visiting us online.    We sure hope that the new year has been kind to you all so far and we wish you all the very best in all that you do.   We have been keeping ourselves very busy working hard to make this year very successful for the band.   We thank you all so much for your continued support as we push forward.   
We have been focused on promoting both of our albums and that will continue to be our top priority in 2014.    You can find both of the albums and singles in our web store  which is the best value.    We also have both albums up at many premier music sites that you can find on the right side of this home page, just click on the desired box to be linked directly to ITunes, Amazon, and many other fine retailers.   Thank you for sharing our music with your friends and family, this is very much a grass roots effort and every new pair of ears makes all the difference in the world.   
Speaking of that we would like to thank the many online radio shows that have picked up our music for their programs!  Please visit our links page to connect to these fine DJ’s and Programs that are spreading Blues and Blues Rock worldwide 24 hours a day.    They are truly keeping great music alive that is not being played on commercial FM and AM radio.    We are very grateful for the exposure and to be included with such great artists.   We are so happy every time we get word from DJ's letting us know they are making us a part of their rotations.   
We have added a number of new live shows for 2014 and there are many more to come.  With each new week more and more very exciting opportunities are becoming available and we hope to see you soon.  
Tim, Nate, Codiann, & Derek


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