Hello Friends,
2015 has certainly been a year of huge tragedy for us when we lost Tim to cancer.   We not only lost a bandmate but we lost our dearest friend.    It was a life changing experience for us and it has been really hard to deal with.   We had promised Tim that if things did not go well that we would continue on and when the time felt right we set out to try our best to do that.  
We have welcomed Duane Franklin to the band on lead vocals and we are looking forward to getting back to our music now.   Duane is a wonderful guy and a great singer and he will fit right into our musical family. 
We had hoped to have some sort of guiding influence over us as we went through vocal auditions.   We were not really looking forward to hearing anybody else sing the songs, or stand in Tim’s spot, and we had no idea what auditions would be like but we thought they were at least going to be awkward and at the worst very painful.    Instead, we were blessed with awesome vocalists all of whom were very nice people.   Sure it was emotional but it was very pleasant and it was great to meet everybody.   At one point in the auditions it looked as if our own drummer Derek was going to step forward to the lead vocal position but after some more meetings we decided to have Duane come back in for a call back jam and we knew it was right and welcomed him into the band right afterwards.   We feel that this was meant to be and we are not only feeling some 
peace, but we are excited to get back to what we love to do.  
Starting right away we will be getting Duane up to speed on the previous two albums of material and growing together as a band during the process.   Once that is complete we will immediately begin work on the material that will become our third album.   We would like to thank you all for your continued support and I hope you will wish us well and pray for us as we now begin again.  


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