From the recording Revelation

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I already knew
What you would have said
Got so much ahead of you.
I think I’ll throw it away instead
There you sit up on your hill
Tell me have you got your fill?
Now you’ve gotten what was sold
Tell me did you save your soul?
I don’t understand
Why you went away
Asked you to wait
Lord I begged you to stay.
Now I stare at the sky
And I wonder why
You never said goodbye
Don’t you think it’s a good day to die?
Now you lay underground.
You were lost have you been found
Its such a lonely day
You can’t take much more away
All alone up on you hill
Watching over all that’s still
Is it time for me to go?
Might be time but I don’t know
Take a look around
At all you could have done
You threw that away
When you cut and run
Maybe you were afraid
When you made her cry
What made that day
A good day to die