We have completed our third studio album, Electric, on December 6th, 2018.  We are very excited to release some new material with our newest band member John Pagnanelli on lead vocals.  We are very grateful to have him join our family! He is a very talented guy, an excellent writer, and he has really brought a lot of energy and life back into the band.  We were down for a full five years due to personal tragedy and it feels so good to be back again and better than ever.  

Please view our Music Store page, you can stream the album for free or use various on-line retailer links to purchase our music.  We feel the best option to purchase our music is via the Bandcamp link which allows for downloading higher resolution track formats.  

We would like to thank Bruce Kirby of Boho Digitalia Recording Studio for all of his help in recording and engineering this album.  He always makes us feel right at home and really makes every effort to satisfy all of his clients.  You can find Bruce online at https://www.facebook.com/Bohodigitalia

More news to come soon and thank you all for support and kindness, 

Parchman Farm