Our dearest friend and vocalist Tim Tuke has passed on from us after bravely battling Ewing's Sarcoma on February 24, 2015.  There is certainly a special place in Heaven for such a wonderful man. He is our dear friend and our brother for time eternal and we will miss him every day for the rest of our lives. We have never had “band mates” in this band, we instead are a family unto ourselves sharing our lives with each other, and that is what has made this musical project the most special thing any of us have ever been a part of. Tim is truly the sunshine of all of it, not only in our band but in our personal lives. So many people hope and wish that during their life that they can hold on to their innocence, integrity, kindness, gratitude, love, bravery, and so many of the noble characteristics that we all strive for. Tim actually succeeded in that, and had he lived to be 100 years old he still would have succeeded in that. I know that I speak for Codiann, Derek, and Rory when I say that in ten lifetimes you would be lucky if you found just one Tim Tuke to be a part of your life. He truly is that nice of a guy and our lives are much better having had the privilege of knowing him. 

Tim was an original founding member of Parchman Farm and this was his first original band.   His creativity and vocal talent were able to shine brightly and he was very proud and always extremely excited to write and perform his own music.   Music was always such a huge part of his life and for him to have the opportunity to have something of his own was always very special to him.   We have had five of the most memorable years of our lives sharing the stage and studio with Tim and we will never forget a single minute of it.   Tim had a very natural ability to draw people in not only with this voice and stage antics, but we know that everybody watching him always could sense just how special he really was.   He was born to make and perform music and we are so grateful that he was able to do that, and even more grateful that we were the lucky people that got to share that with him. 
Tim would often come to rehearsal excited to share music with us from different bands that he loved and wanted us to hear.  One of those bands was his favorite, Blackberry Smoke.   Our most special memory was the day we contacted Tim at his job and asked him, "Hey Tim, how would you like to open up for Blackberry Smoke?"  His answer was "Are you guys f****** kidding me!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!"  Tim was able to play with his hero's not just once, but twice, as we were fortunate enough to share the stage with them in Utah on two separate occasions.   It was a dream come true for Tim and it was priceless to witness.   He also enjoyed meeting Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown when we had the privilege of opening for them in Salt Lake City.  He was a huge fan of them as well and it was really an awesome experience to meet those guys.   
We have shared many great experiences with our fallen brother Tim Tuke.   He has touched our lives and made us better people and better musicians.   This was Tim’s band and he was made for this band.   We will respect and love him always and never forget our time together.    While Tim was in the hospital he and Codiann had a private conversation.    Though Tim never believed for a single second that he could not beat his cancer, he expressed to Codiann a very important wish.    He made her promise out loud that if the worst happened and he did not survive, that she makes sure that the band continued on.   She made that promise, and we will continue on in his honor.    Nobody will ever be able to replace Tim, we will just do the best we can in his absence.   Knowing Tim, he will make sure his presence and influence are felt in everything we do in the future, and he will be watching closely.  We love you, Tim.  


Tim, Tasha, Mickael, and Justin

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