1. Glory Days

From the recording Revelation

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I remember we were seventeen
The year you tried to be a beauty queen
Sitting here in the campfires glow
Tell me where did my glory days go?
Looking back now those days are passed
Don’t I know it good things never last.
Its been so long tell me where you been
Look what we made outta all of that sin
Won’t you be my baby tonight
You won’t get pushed around again
Don’t you know I won’t put up a fight
Can you see me now?
Tell me every thing will be alright
Wont you be my baby?
You hear my songs on the radio
We went so fast but you took it so slow
Tell me when did you finally see
All those things that just couldn’t be
Looking back now its in the past
I spent to much of it living fast
Tell me where do I go from here
Now you’ve grown outta all of those tears
(Repeat Chorus)
I remember that night when you told me to go away
Would you tell me now?
That time when I begged you to stay
You told me not to shout
Now here I am alone again
And I’m wondering how
We could make it true again
If you only showed me how.
Glory days oh its been so long
Do you remember us singing that song?
In the stands as we watched them play
You turned to me and I heard you say
I wanna be a beauty queen
I only hoped you’d let me be your king
Now I sit as I wait for the show
Tell me where did my glory days go?