From the recording Revelation

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She’s all alone
In a hotel room
Waiting for someone
To call her soon.
The phone won’t ring
To soothe her pain.
While she stares outside.
At the pouring rain.
He sits alone,
At the hotel bar
Wondering how
It could’ve come this far
He takes a drink.
Waiting for the end.
Was it real?
Or was it all pretend.
Whats gonna happen? Baby I don’t know.
On a lonesome highway
Nowhere to go
Sad songs playing
On the radio
He sits in his car
At the side of the road
Wondering how.
He ever got so old.
She sleeps alone
In the hotel bed.
Dreaming things
Better left unsaid.
Two lonely people
Neither one would bend
Two lonely lovers
Wishing for a friend.
Whats going to happen. Baby I don’t know.
Two lonely people
Sitting in the dark
Ole number seven
Soothes a broken heart.
Two lonely people
Neither one could see
How to set things right.
Should have let it be.
The night is clear
He can see the stars
Maybe he will heal
But still feel the scars
The time is right
He can win or lose
Stay or go.
Whats he gonna choose?
She’s still alone
Waiting for that call
Will she jump?
Maybe she will fall.
Two lonely people
Neither one would bend.
Two lonely lovers
Waiting for the end.
Whats going to happen?
Baby I don’t know.
(Repeat Chorus):