1. Mystery Train

From the recording Revelation

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Take a ride on the mystery train
She’ll take you places that you’ve never been
Get on board baby grab a seat
You’ll never guess just who you’ll meet
Oh won’t you take me a way
On the mystery train
Oh ya its leaving today
On the mystery train.
Take your time baby Check out the scenes
It always feels Just like a dream
Take your time what will be will be
No need to worry everything is free
Come on baby won’t you come along
It seems so long since I’ve been gone
Can’t you feel her take you away
All aboard for the mystery train
Oooh she got a way to move
Oooh gonna make you groove
Oooh the way she makes you feel
Can’t decide just what is real
Come on honey won’t you come with me
Take all the things that you want to bring
take your time baby can’t you see
you have to choose if you want to be free
double chorus out