1. Revelation

From the recording Revelation

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I found a new religion
Fell in with bad company
Can’t you see this desperation
Washing over me?
I’m in need of salvation
The waters getting high
You see I got this crazy notion
Life's been passing me by
Wont you tell me what am I supposed to do?
I’m sick and tired
My body’s black and blue
I keep on keeping on
I’ve been on the gallows for so long
Just waiting here…I’m always waiting here
Now I’m in the furnace.
And its getting hot.
You left me here to suffer
But its what I’ve got.
Oh wont’ you tell me something
Where do we go from here?
I’m in the belly of the beast
Working through my doubt and fear won’t you tell me
it must be judgement day
and my saviors lost
with all the deeds Ive done
how will I pay the cost
I found a new religion
Oh but I was to late
Now its getting dark so dark.
I’ve laid my soul to waste.
This is a revelation
Aint no aggravation
Come on and give me something.