Codiann Lambros - Bass Guitar

Influences: Victor Wooten, Flea, Verdine White, Allen Woody, Justin Chancellor, Me ‘Shell Ndegeocello.

Musical Tastes: Funk, Rock, Blues, and Jazz.

Favorite Hobbies: Camping, fishing, target shooting, dancing, and concerts.

Gear: Music Man Stingray Bass, Fender Pawn Shop Reverse Jaguar Bass, GK1001 RB Head, GK RBH 4x12 Cab, Ernie Ball Strings

"Parchman Farm is my first all original project and it has been a great experience. Everything is written and arranged as a band and no two songs really sound the same. It's exciting to see the songs take shape and to work with people that love and respect one another. Our first CD, Day of Reckoning has received a very warm reception and it is great to gain new fans and grow.  We are preparing to record our second album in September of 2013 and I cannot wait to get out there on the road and really test these songs!