Influences: Roger Daltrey, Jim Morrison, John Kay, Burton Cummings, Todd Park Mohr 

Musical Tastes: Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Psychedelic, Folk, Soul, Progressive… basically, anything that is genuine and makes my soul smile. 

Favorite Hobbies: Live Music, Camping, Fishing, Classic Cars…especially VW’s, Vintage Hi-Fi Gear, Motorcycles, Philosophy, Fine Whiskey and Cigars 

Gear: Shure SM58 Mic, 70’s Gruggett Guitar, Walden Acoustic, Laney LC30 II Amp 

Personal Quote: “Life is good! I’m an old soul and music is very much ingrained in me… I like it raw, real, emotional and unfiltered at 200 Proof. I seek good energy in every aspect of my life and I have found it in Parchman Farm. I like to make people smile and feel welcome. I believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.