Nate Lambros - Guitar

Influences: Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, SRV, Robin Trower, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes

Musical Tastes: Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Everything from the '70s

Favorite Hobbies: Firearms, Fishing, Camping, and Live Music of all kinds.

Gear: Fender & Gibson Guitars, Marshall and Peavey Amps, TC Electronic and Boss effects, 

"I tend to be more on the serious side when it comes to music, always have been. I enjoy working with serious and committed people and would not have it any other way.  This band is a perfect example of that and I couldn't be happier.   We are not only a band but a family and we really watch out for each other and everybody works really hard to keep the band moving forward. I am really looking forward to our entire journey together as we are always learning and improving, and having a damn fine time doing it!